GT provides solid waste management districts, political subdivisions, haulers, hospitals, universities, schools and businesses with solid waste planning, strategic planning, feasibility studies, waste diversion “zero waste” programs, routing studies, recycling programs, reporting, audits, data management and training services.

GT assists clients to evaluate technology and cost effective programs in constantly changing solid waste industry. The cost of solid waste collection, processing and disposal is on the rise. The need for sustainable, cost effective and efficient ways to manage solid waste is more important than ever. State regulators are encouraging the management of solid waste as a fuel or raw material. GT assists clients with the evaluation of feasibility of diverting waste through pyrolysis, gasification, bio-fuels, anaerobic digestion and other waste-to-energy technologies. GT evaluates the impact these new facilities will have on greenhouse gas emissions that will also be a focus for solid waste processors and generators.

GT waste management professionals position our clients for this rapidly changing industry. GT offers a full range of consulting services designed to address this fast paced industry including:

Planning Services

  • Solid Waste Management Plans
  • Air and Water Permitting for Solid Waste Facilities
  • Waste Diversion Plans
  • Sustainability Plans
  • Program Evaluations
  • Facility Feasibility Studies
  • Pay As You Throw Program Evaluations
  • Waste Assessments/Audits
  • Market Studies
  • Routing Studies
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Recycling Programs
  • Data Management Programs
  • Training
  • Facility Inspections
Operational Services
  • Cash Control Procedures and Financial Systems Review
  • Solid Waste System Financial Planning
  • Transfer, Recycling, and Disposal Procurement Services
  • Operational System and Efficiency Reviews
  • Facility Design and Construction Services
  • Siting Studies
  • Transfer Station vs. Long-Haul Transport Evaluations
  • Fleet Management and Routing
  • Feasibility Assessments & Master Plans
  • Community & Political Engagement Plans
  • Community Programs and Services Development